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Antimicrobial Copper Door Handle

3.5" Width Railing custom lengths

Self-adhesive 3.5" width Antimicrobial Copper Railing in customer specified length. Cost effective conversion of any railing to be an antimicrobial copper surface railing that kills 99.9% of bacteria* on surface within two hours.

Antimicrobial Copper Railing 3.5" width. Custom dimensions order to fit. Apply to existing railing easily, by removing backing to expose adhesive then affix to railing and shape to fit gently to eliminate air pockets and wrinkles. Care should be taken to eliminate sharp corners and edges, these could be sharp and cause injury.

This product may tarnish over time, the tarnishing will not effect efficacy. Regular cleaning of the surface to eliminate filth and dirt is needed to ensure product efficacy. This Antimicrobial Copper Product is not intended to be used a stand alone microbial control or in place of standard or routine control method(s), but should be used in conjunction with other standard cleaning and control routines and methods. 

3.5" x <Select Length> 6", 12", 1'6", 2', 2'6", 3', 3'6", 4', 4'6", 5'
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